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New modern director's room

The director's rooms are new large spacious rooms with modern furnishings and views either over the rooftops at Södermalm or the church park and Stockholm's inlet. The decor is chosen to enhance the sense of tradition and craftsmanship while being modern. Simply, rooms to live in and not just a bed for the night.

Director rooms
from 1.895 SEK/night


The rooms are colorful, no clear pastel colors but faint soothing natural tones of gray, green, red and blue. The floors are covered with thick wool rugs that are allergy-friendly. In contrast to the colors, the furniture has wooden details, especially of ash.

The shower rooms have tiles on the floors and tiles on the walls. All rooms have modern shower corners with glass doors, wall-mounted toilet and sink as well as a large mirror. One of the director's rooms also has a bathtub. Some of the bathrooms even have windows and views of Södermalm.

Spacious for one, two, three or four people

The director's rooms are available as double rooms, triple rooms and quadruple rooms. But you can also book a double room for one person, then the price will be slightly lower. Or choose an extra bed in a double room if you are three.

Our triple room has three regular beds divided into a larger double room and a smaller room with a single bed. The rooms are so large that you can also order for an extra bed.

Double WC- and shower room in the quadruple room

The quadruple room consists of two double rooms and two WC- and shower rooms. A spacious hallway connects the rooms that are so large that it is possible to have extra beds in both double rooms if you are a large party.

Why should I choose a director room?

The director's rooms are large, spacious and modern with contemporary decor. Here you should stay if you want it a little extra luxurious in the form of space, sleeping comfort, Nordic inspired decor as well as peace and quiet. All rooms have nice views, over either the rooftops of Södermalm or the church park and Stockholm's inlet.

Doubble room with a wiew over the roof tops Dobble room with view over church park Lounge Single bed in two room trippel bed category Shower and wc Four beds in two rooms with two seperate bathrooms Doubble room with view over the roof tops One of our doubble rooms hava a bathtub aswell as a shower

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