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Take the opportunity to do the little extra for your conference participants, something different that will help them remember the day. We work with various activity organizers who offer everything from action-packed experiences to more sedate activities.

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Thanks to our multifaceted organisation, we can offer self-arranged activities such as museum tours, lectures and tours of various organizations, music performances in the church and much more. A popular end to the conference day is mingling, dinner and a party on Ersta terrace.

Guided tour of the Ersta museum

In one of the gate houses from the 1850s, at the entrance to the Ersta area, is the Ersta museum located. The current exhibition is called "The city on the hill".

Here is the story of how women pioneers started hospitals and education in 1850s Stockholm and about how healthcare, education and diakonia have developed since then. The museum connects the past with Ersta diakoni's work today. A lot has happened during history, but the driving force in our work - helping people - is as present now as it was then.

The exhibition contains, among other things, historical images, authentic objects, soundscapes and information about the future plans for Ersta diakoni.

Time: 45-60 minutes or as desired.

The story of Ersta diakoni

Ersta diakonisällskap has a long and interesting history that dates back to the middle of the 19th century. Then the organisation created Sweden's first nursing school and ran a small hospital with 8 beds. Up to what is today Ersta diakonisällskap, the road has been long and winding and despite the fact that the organisation have developed in many different directions, the basic purpose is still the same, to be a support for people in vulnerable situations, to take social responsibility and to offer care.

We invite a dedicated lecturer who tells you about Ersta diakoni's exciting story. You choose which direction you want the story to have, if you want to hear about a specific part of the organisation, about the organisation's development or its history.

Time: about 30 minutes or as desired.

Wine tasting

We offer a journey into the different worlds of wine at Ersta terrass, our restaurant and venue. The wine tasting is tailored based on your wishes and your budget.

Other activities

We collaborate with various event providers who tailor activities both outdoors, in the church park and the surrounding area as well as indoors in our premises.

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