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Terms and conditions for private arrangement at Ersta terrass

Booking request

Reservation policy

1. Offered prices include VAT. Valid agreement applies on the day that Ersta terrass received the signed confirmation from the client. The client is responsible for ensuring that the person authorized to enter into an agreement signs the agreement and returns one copy to the Ersta terrass.

Terms of payment

2. Full payment must be made according to invoice within 10 days. Ersta terrass has the right to charge advance payment if desired. Dispute of the invoice and/or complaint must be made before the due date of the invoice. Penalty interest for non-payment is 8%.


3.1 The customer is entitled to cancel the arrangement 8 weeks prior to the ordered time, free of charge. Cancellations made later than 8 weeks but earlier than 4 weeks will be charged 100% of the rent and 25% of the value of ordered food and drink. Cancellations made later than 4 weeks but earlier than 7 days will be charged 100% of the rent and 50% of the value of ordered food and drink. If cancelled 7 days or later before the event, 100% of the rent will be charged, 100% of the ordered food and drink and 100% of any other extra cost due to the arrangement.

3.2 The customer has the right to change the number of envelopes by as much as 10% up to 5 days before the arrangement, compared to the number stated on the confirmation. The number of participants can only be increased upon request to the organizer.

3.3 Cancellation of more than 2 rooms must be canceled no later than 7 days before arrival. Up to 2 hotel rooms can be canceled up to the day before arrival, before 18:00.

4 If Ersta terrass has special costs due to cancellation or reduced number of guests, the client must pay them in full.

5 Cancellation or change of ordered arrangements must be notified to Ersta terrass in writing.


6. Ersta terrass is fully responsible for commitment due to written agreement.

7. The client is responsible to Ersta terrass for full settlement of all costs according to agreement, even if these are finally to be paid by the participants separately. The client is responsible for any damage caused to the interior, furniture, premises or properties associated with the arrangement.

8. If costs for ordered goods and services would increase as a result of increased taxes, devaluation, government decisions or comparable circumstances, Ersta terrass is entitled to charge extra corresponding to cost increases.

9. Strike, lockout, fire, restriction on supplies or other exceptional circumstances outside Ersta terrass control entitles Ersta terrass to cancel the agreement without obligations to pay damages in any form.

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Telephone +46 (0)8 714 63 41 

Postal address:
PO Box 4619
SE-116 91 Stockholm

Visiting address:
Erstagatan 1K and Erstagatan 1N
Stockholm, Sodermalm

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