Ersta conference, hotel and restaurant

Welcome to Erstagatan 1 at Södermalm in Stockholm

Ersta konferens, hotell & terrass is located inside the portal to Erstagtan 1 and is linked by an inner courtyard. The reception to the hotel and the conference facility is located directly to the right at Erstagatan 1K and the entrance to Ersta terrass to the left at Erstagatan 1N. Ersta terrass is also reached via stairs from Fjällgatan 45.

Here's how to get to us


  • To Ersta sjukhus stop - walk 2-5 minutes up Erstagatan.
  • To the Londonviadukten stop - walk 7-10 minutes up Folkungagatan and Erstagatan.


  • To the Medborgarplatsen station - walk 13-15 minutes along Folkungatan and Erstagatan. Or bus to Ersta Hospital stop.
  • To the station Slussen - walk 15-17 minutes along Katarinavägen and Fjällgatan.


We have a number of parking spaces for rent in our courtyard and garage. However, they must be booked in advance.

There is the possibility of street parking in the immediate area on, for example, Erstagatan and Folkungagatan as well as on surface parking at the Londonviadukten. There is also a public garage nearby called Stigbergsgaraget.


Our adress is Erstagatan 1K (hotel and conference) or Erstagatan 1N (Ersta terrass) and we recommend Taxi Stockholm +46 (0) 8 15 00 00. We also recommend that you agreewith the driver on a price in advance.

Contact Ersta conference, hotel & terrace


Telephone +46 (0)8 714 63 41 

Postal address:
PO Box 4619
SE-116 91 Stockholm

Visiting address:
Erstagatan 1K and Erstagatan 1N
Stockholm, Sodermalm

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Stay and meet at a quiet oasis with one of Stockholm's best views!


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Ersta konferens, hotell & terrass