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Ersta diakoni is a not-for-profit association active in healthcare, social work and professional research and education. Ersta diakoni’s basic philosophy is to “see the person”. This principle shapes everything we do.

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Rooms from 795 SEK per night

Welcome to Ersta hotell!

  • Director room

    The director rooms are large, spacious and modern with contemporary furnishings. This is the room to stay in if you want a little extra luxury in terms of space, sleep comfort, Nordic inspired décor and peace and quiet. All rooms have a nice view, either over the rooftops of Södermalm or over the church park and Stockholm's inlet.

    From 1 895 SEK/night

  • Manager room

    The manager rooms have unbeatable setting. If you want to wake up and meet the sunrise over the inlet to Stockholm or the birds singing in the church park, have a room with a private bathroom then the choice is given, this is the room for you. The rooms are relatively large and you get the feel of history but with a modern twist and with modern amenities.

    From 1 295 SEK/night

  • Alumni room

    The alumni rooms may not boast about the same views as our other rooms but has other advantages. They are located in a separat and quiet part of the house, they are large and a bit cheaper. The beds in the single rooms are extra wide (120 cm). So, if you have plans other than to sit by the window all day, we recommend an alumni room.

    From 1 195 SEK/night

  • Sister room

    The sister rooms are located at the top of our house, with the same views as for the manager rooms. If you want to stay simple but yet in a historical setting, the sister rooms are for you. The rooms breathe history from the time the sisters lived here but with modern twist and with modern amenities such as showers and toilets in the corridor.

    From 795 SEK/night

Stay in a historical setting but with today's amenities

In 1896 the so-called Great Diaconist House was completed. By that time, deaconesses and students stayed, lived and worked in the house. Today we use the house for conference and hotel rooms and fascinates our guests with the feeling of moving back in history while at the same time all modern conveniences are available.

To honor our history and all the stories from our past, we have chosen to give our hotel categories names from the world of deaconry. Read more about what the different titles meant then and what they mean today under "About Us". And ... our business is still managed by a director. It is not unlikely to meet him or a real live deaconess in our facilities.

We are located high up on Erstaklippan, eastern Södermalm. Close to the Photographic Museum (Fotografiska), Folkungagatan and Nytorget.


Panoramic view of

Stockholm and its inlet


Buffet breakfast with

KRAV-labeled products


Peaceful and quiet oasis

with its own park


Right on the edge of

the lively SoFo area