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Ersta diakoni is a not-for-profit association active in healthcare, social work and professional research and education. Ersta diakoni’s basic philosophy is to “see the person”. This principle shapes everything we do.

About Ersta konferens, hotell & terrass


Ersta konferens, hotell & terrass runs a conference facility, hotel, restaurant and party venue as part of the non-profit organisation Ersta diakoni. We were founded in 1992, and since then our facility has been a very popular meeting place, thanks to its fantastic views and historical buildings, as well as our commitment – and of course our helpful and pleasant staff.

We have 16 conference rooms with space for a total of 514 people. The hotel has 38 rooms and can host 72 people in total, 68 of which in ordinary beds. Several of our hotel rooms and the majority of our conference premises are located in the Stora diakonisshuset (the main diaconia building), which dates back to 1896. This building housed managers, deaconesses and student nurses until the 1970s, and has since been used for other activities, such as a guest house and the current training and conference facilities. Here, our guests have access to modern technology and contemporary comfort in historic settings.

The restaurant and party venue have a kitchen and restaurant with seating for 210 people. The facility includes a large terrace that catches the afternoon sun, with space for 250 guests to socialise. The business is run in the Gamla diakonisshuset (the old diaconia building), which was completed in 1864, and which housed the deaconesses until 1896, when they moved into the Stora diakonisshuset.

Your visit helps good causes

As a business within the non-profit organisation Ersta diakoni, all profits generated by Ersta konferens, hotell & terrass go back to our activities within health and social care. This means that as our guest and customer you are contributing to helping people in vulnerable situations.

Integrated sustainability since the 1850s

The word "sustainability" is very topical today, but it's also a lifestyle that Ersta diakoni has striven to achieve since it was founded in the 1850s. Our entire business and our core values are based on seeing and helping people in vulnerable situations. Our sustainability work has developed over time to include the environment and profitability.

For Ersta konferens, hotell & terrass business, this means that:

  • We are connected to an employer organisation and give our employees market-based salaries and regulated working hours.
  • We see the individual, regardless of whether they are an employee, guest or supplier.
  • We primarily engage suppliers offering local, organic and sustainable alternatives.
  • We prioritise products with environmental and KRAV (organic) labels.
  • We would rather refuse a customer than provide a poor event if the budget is likely to restrict quality.
  • We have an environmental plan and are ISO certified for our environmental management.
  • We have a quality plan and are ISO certified for our quality management.
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Knapp boka

Ersta hotell
PO Box 4619
SE-116 91 Stockholm

Visiting address
Erstagatan 1K

Telephone +46 (0)8 714 63 41

Check-in time
Weekdays 14.00-20.30
Weekends 14.00-16.30

Weekdays 06.30 - 09.00
Weekends 07.30 - 10.00

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