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Ersta diakoni is a not-for-profit association active in healthcare, social work and professional research and education. Ersta diakoni’s basic philosophy is to “see the person”. This principle shapes everything we do.

Comfortable and newly renovated 70s style rooms

Our alumni rooms are located in the slightly more modern part of the building. Although the building is modern, we have chosen to furnish the rooms in an older style to try to reflect the environment in which the students were staying. The wallpapers are new, as are the bathrooms and textiles. The floors both in the room and in the lounge outside are covered by modern, environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly wool rugs. However, the style is from the 70s as well as the furniture. No room is exactly like the other. Just as the students had it in their rooms.

The alumni rooms are available as double and single rooms, for both room types it is possible to order an extra bed. The rooms are located in the slightly more modern extension and have large windows with views of the backyard, loading dock and if you raise your eyes the top floors of Ersta hospital.

Snug for your own meals

On the floor there is a communal lounge with comfortable chairs and tables. Here you can sit and relax or eating and drinking something good. Next to the lounge there is a room with micro, refrigerator, coffee maker and kettle.

Why should I choose an alumni room?

Unfortunately, our alumni rooms do not boast the same fantastic views as our other rooms but have many other advantages. They are located in a secluded and quiet part of the house, they are large, modern and a bit cheaper. In addition, the beds in the single rooms are extra wide (120 cm). So if you have other plans than sitting by the window in the room all day, we can highly recommend a student room.


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Elevrum Elevrum

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