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Ersta diakoni is a not-for-profit association active in healthcare, social work and professional research and education. Ersta diakoni’s basic philosophy is to “see the person”. This principle shapes everything we do.

Charming room in nice surroundings

On the second floor of the main diaconia building are our director rooms. The rooms have a view of Stockholm's inlet or the park area at Ersta church. Here you live in a cozy and individually furnished room that still has some original details intact, such as wooden floors, windows and in some rooms even wallpaper.

We are often told that our manager rooms are considered to be large. All rooms have their own tiled bathroom with toilet, sink, towel dryer, hairdryer and shower with drapery. The furniture comes from earlier centuries, although textiles and other things like mattresses are of course new and modern. No other room is the same, and our repeat guests often find a favorite room they wish to book again.

Shared kitchenette for own food and drink

On the floor there is a common lounge overlooking Djurgården and Skeppsholmen. Here you can sit and enjoy the view while eating and drinking. Next to the lounge there is a pantry with micro, refrigerator, coffee maker and kettle.

Why should I choose a manager room?

The environment is unbeatable. If you want to wake up and meet the sunrise over the inlet to Stockholm or the birds singing in the church park then the choice is given. Moreover, in a fairly large room that breathes history but with modern twist and with modern amenities.


Föreståndarrum Föreståndarrum

Föreståndarrum Föreståndarrum

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Knapp boka

Ersta hotell
PO Box 4619
SE-116 91 Stockholm

Visiting address
Erstagatan 1K

Telephone +46 (0)8 714 63 41

Check-in time
Weekdays 14.00-20.30
Weekends 14.00-16.30

Weekdays 06.30 - 09.00
Weekends 07.30 - 10.00

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Award gästrecensioner