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Ersta diakoni is a not-for-profit association active in healthcare, social work and professional research and education. Ersta diakoni’s basic philosophy is to “see the person”. This principle shapes everything we do.

Venue with a view

The view from Ersta terrass ís extrodinary. Here you have a 180-degrees view over Stockholm and it's inlet. More over you see the old town, Skeppsholmen, Djurgården and the inlet to Stockholm by Kvarnholmen and Nacka. Lidingö, Kaknästornet and other landmarks you see over the roof ridges of Östermalm.

Ersta terrass has room for 210 seated guests divided in five venues that are connect through the big terrace with room for 250 mingle guests.

Welcome to Ersta terrass - Resturant and party venue!

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Ersta terrass
PO Box 4619
SE-116 91 Stockholm

Visiting address
Erstagatan 1N/Fjällgatan 45

Contact restaurant
Phone +46 (0)8 714 61 07

Contact booking
 +46 (0)8 714 66 34

Business hours
Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm.
We are closed between 6/7 - 2/8.

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