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Sustainability, part of our DNA

Sustainability is an essential part of our approach to taking care of our guests, employees and the environment. Sustainability is a natural part of our everyday business. We have been working with environmental and quality issues since the early 2000s, continuously developing our business and training our employees while simultaneously getting better at setting requirements for our suppliers. We work with continuous improvement and evaluate and revise our business at regular intervals.

We are quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Ersta konferens, hotell & terrass belong to the Ersta diakoni non-profit organisation, which is one of Sweden's largest actors in the field of ideological health and social care. Our association with the larger organisation gives us a range of benefits that facilitate our sustainability work. These include a quality department that manages environmental and quality issues, a purchasing department that reviews our suppliers' sustainability work and an HR department that looks after the employees and ensures that the collective agreement is upheld, as well as a finance department that works with advanced forecasting and monitoring tools etc.

The organisation's interest in and work with sustainability has resulted in our being ISO certified for both environment and quality since 2008 and 2012 respectively – something we are extremely proud of.

Collective agreement and benefits for employees

Because Ersta konferens, hotell & terrass are part of Ersta diakoni, we comply with the organisation's collective agreement via the Swedish Association of Private Care Providers. This may seem unusual, but it benefits our employees to a great extent, with advantages including higher payment for unsocial hours and more generous working hours than is generally the case in the industry. To this can be added many other benefits that Ersta diakoni offers in the form of insurance, extended parental benefits, fitness subsidies and discounts with a range of partner companies.

Environmental and quality requirements for our suppliers

We impose tough requirements on our suppliers both from a quality and environmental perspective, while simultaneously prioritising locally based companies with local products. Our purchasing department has drawn up framework agreements with our biggest suppliers, Textilia and Martin Servera, with sustainability being a requirement for the agreement. These are our primary suppliers of washing and cleaning services, perishables, chemicals etc.

Our fish supplier sells only MSC labelled fish. Our meat supplier has a KRAV certified facility and purchases meat form local farms. And our vegetables come from a market hall which is both ISO and KRAV certified.


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