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On the third floor of the main diaconia building are our sister rooms. Like the sisters, you live here in a little simpler and in a little smaller room. All six rooms share three common WC and shower rooms out in the corridor. The sister rooms are located at the top floor of the hotel and offer a view of Stockholm's inlet or the park area at Ersta church.

Sister rooms
from 795 SEK/night


At this floor you live in a small cozy and individually furnished room that still has some original details intact, such as place-built wardrobes, windows and in some rooms even wallpaper. The furniture comes from earlier centuries, although textiles and other things like mattresses are (of course) new and modern. No room is the same and our returning guests often find a favorite room they wish to book again and again.

Shared WC and shower room in corridor

The six rooms on our sister floor share three WC and shower rooms, located right outside the rooms in the corridor. The WC and shower rooms are tiled, have a toilet, sink and shower cabin (one of them has shower drapery).

Lounge and a large balcony on the floor

On the floor there is a common lounge overlooking Djurgården and Skeppsholmen as well as a large balcony overlooking Ersta church and the church park. Here you can sit and enjoy the view while eating and drinking something good. Next to the lounge there is a refrigerator, coffee maker and kettle.

Why should I choose a sister room?

The setting is unbeatable. If you want to stay simple yet wake up and meet the sunrise over the inlet to Stockholm or the birds singing in the church park, a sister room is for you. Moreover, in a room that breathes history but with modern twist and with modern amenities in public areas.

Lounge at the sister floor Single room in category Sister room Doubble room in category Sister room The view from the lounge over Stockholm and its inlet Three shared shower and wc in the hallway Shared terrace for the sister floor

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